Perfect T Size Card

Happy Tuesday everyone! Do you love the Perfect T and have no idea what size to wear? LuLaRoe can be a touch confusing when it comes to sizing, size up in this size down in that etc and so on. Before on my blog I tried to show the versatility of sizing, but then I did a “size card” for the Amelia and thought, oh man I need to do this for all my styles instead! I think its easier to compare yes?

So this is the Perfect T! I usually suggest going down 1-2 sizes from your non LuLaRoe size depending on the fabric that the top is made from. You can always ask the consultant you’re shopping from, is this stretchier or less stretchy than the other Perfect Ts of the same size you have and they should be able to help you get a feel for what size you need. I’m ALWAYS here to answer any questions too! I personally prefer the medium almost across the board and I wear an XL in non LuLaRoe sizes.. SOMETIMES a large depending on the store/cut.

So my review: The XXS was a little tight on the arms, its also quite humid here today, every other size fit GREAT! I was thrilled! I had never actually put on anything smaller than a medium before! The XL is the size where I felt the top getting a little loose in the arms/shoulders, so I cuffed the sleeves! This is a top I feel looks super cute oversized too, its loose, and very comfortable!


I loved the 3XL so much that I wanted to see what it looked like belted! I threw on my daughter’s favorite necklace and my new hat and boom! Super cute outfit!


Here is it far away! The belt took up some of the length, but it was still plenty long and added a fun gather and flare look.

Thanks always for reading <3

Flat Lay Friday!

Implementing new ideas is always a little scary for me! I love doing flat lays though! So lets make it a weekly event! Introducing Flat Lay Friday where I’ll be making outfits to suit my fancy! I’m slowly adding Sarah to my inventory and I can’t wait to make cozy fall outfits for all!  Make sure to join my group to check out all the fun every week! I can’t wait to see you there!

Introducing Amelia!

I added Amelia to my inventory not too long ago and haven’t written about it yet!

This dress is so classy! If you love LuLaRoe, and love Amelias I’m sure you already knew that! Dress it up, dress it down! Wear it with a blazer to work,  heals for a date, or flip flops to the grocery store! Styling options to come, but first lets talk bout sizing!

The Amelia dress, like all LuLaRoe products come in a handful of different fabrics, the most common Amelia fabric however is called liverpool. I’ve noticed they produce a thinner fabric and a thicker fabric, both are very stretchy, and perfectly structured for the pleats and zipper in the dress. Also pockets! Perfectly hidden pockets, my favorite feature of the Amelia.

I’ve started doing size cards for every style – basically I try on as many sizes as I can fit to show you how versatile the garment is, but also you can gauge how different sizes fit on yourself! For instance I’m a size 16, my true to size feels like an XL. So say if you’re true to size is a medium, and you want to see how going down to a small or x-small would be you can still get an idea of how the dress fits going up or down a size for your body. At least that is my hope with doing these!

Notes on sizes –

  • These 6 dresses are all the same material
  • Large and XL felt very similar
  • I really liked the medium, and liked how sizing down made the dress a little shorter, but being larger busted I felt a little bit like boobs on pleats.
  • The small felt the same in fit to the medium, it still zipped just fine, but this was the only size that I felt was too tight across the bust kind of giving me uni-boob. Also was a touch tight on the arms
  • Going up in size was really comfortable! I feel like it gives the dress a more laid back casual look, the waist drops down a little lower.


Pennsylvania! We’re HERE!

Ladies! Hello! It’s been awhile!

Guess what I’ve been up to? We MOVED from Portland Oregon to a small town in (fairly) rural Pennsylvania! My little (not so little?) family drove for 5 days across the country! We drove through 10 states!

We drove with my younger two children and pup. My oldest daughter drove out with her father. The kids and dog did SO well!

Cold children waiting to check into the motel.

ALWAYS wearing LuLaRoe! My son loves his Gracie! And my daughter LIVES in leggings!

We’re settling in here and slowly unpacking!

The Classic T

The LuLaRoe Classic T doesn’t get nearly enough credit! In comparison to the other tops that LuLaRoe makes it doesn’t have a big wow factor as far as a unique shape, but what it does have going for it is: it’s an amazingly tailored t-shirt. I was looking through some official LuLaRoe photoshoot images this week for styling inspiration and I noticed that paired with almost every skirt and under every sweater in those images was a Classic T. Its phenomenal for layering!

For our sizing guide you can see my friend wearing four sizes. She is a pretty average size human, size 6-8, and was amazed she could wear the XXS as this top I’ve always said runs fairly true to size. As you can see the XXS is a more fitted look, and each size up is a little bit looser and longer.

Per the official size chart for the Classic T, Em would be a size small. I personally love to size up one size when I’m wearing the Classic in warmer months with just my leggings. I wear true to size most of the time in cooler months under warmer layers, and I size down when I’m wearing it with skirt tied up because I want it to be a little more snug on my ribs.

Em rocking a medium with OS leggings! See? The length is really nice with leggings when you size up!

An XXS Classic paired with a Small Madison skirt. I personally think the Madison and the Classic are a match made in heaven. Tuck it or tie it and it looks great!

This pairing is like the best thing ever! XXS Classic T paired with an XXS Carly! Tie the Classic at your natural waist and you have a whole new outfit! I also cuffed the sleeves of the Carly with the sleeves of the Classic T.

I have been sick this week, so no pictures of me for now, but I plan on updating this post when I feel better with more pictures! <3 Thanks everyone for reading!