What is LuLaRoe? And how do I shop?

Have you been wondering what LuLaRoe is? Maybe wondering what the big deal is?

LuLaRoe is a clothing company. Pretty simple! They’re a company that doesn’t have stores! All LuLaRoe clothing is purchased through consultants either online through social media outlets, or through in home pop-up boutiques.  They offer dresses, skirts, tops, and leggings in a variety of styles. The thing that sets LuLaRoe apart is the variety! Each print is made into 5,000 garments, divide that by the sizes that are carried (00-24) and then those handful of pieces are split up and sent out to thousands of consultants!

Graphic by Katie May Mooney
Graphic by Katie May Mooney

*Graphic is out of date, but it’s still useful! 5,000 garments per fabric, over 45,000 consultants now! And growing!

So unlike department stores where you know that if you went into any given store, in any given area, they’d have the same things, every consultant with LuLaRoe is going to have a completely different inventory.

So that’s how it works… but what’s the big deal?

Comfort. Plain and simple…

Who doesn’t love to be comfortable? LuLaRoe has made styles that flatter all body shapes, they offer a huge size range for women’s clothing, and being a somewhat plus sized lady, I really appreciate the range. (They also make super cute kids clothes and men’s shirts!)

So now that you know the awesomeness that is LuLaRoe…how do you get some?!

If you know a local consultant, you can contact them, and touch and feel and try on all of the things. For some.. probably most of us, that might not be an option. Many consultants have a VIP shopping page where they post their inventory for sale. Some consultants have weekly sales, some keep it up, and only take it down when they’re doing an in home pop-up boutique sale–and it’s always changing. You can click to be added to my Facebook LuLaRoe shopping group or click my “Shop” option on the menu. Currently I have over 600 items and hold sales every Tuesday at 10am!

I hope I covered the basics! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me! I’d love to help guide you through your first LuLaRoe shopping experience.

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  1. On February 27, 2017 at 5:39 am lisa guariglia wrote:

    Hi! I’d like to buy some clothes for myself, help me!!!

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