LuLaRoe Queue Survival Guide

You took the plunge, and now you are in the queue on your way to becoming an official LuLaRoe Consultant. You might be freaking out a little, but it’s ok, you have people at your disposal to go to! Your sponsor, their upline, and their upline, and their upline… ok you get where I am going. You also have your team members who either are in the queue right along with you, or were there not too long ago themselves.

#1 Piece of quebie advice — Use your support structure!

So now you know you have people to turn to ask all of your questions– also the search function in your groups can lead you to an amazing wealth of knowledge– but what do you do while you wait?

So many things! It can be overwhelming, but take a deep breath, we’re going to get through it together!

There will absolutely be things you need to buy– lets start there!

Lets start with shipping:

Polymailers – There are several places you can order shipping supplies– I love Amazon–I also try to find the best bang for my buck always. Whatever polymailers you buy, make sure you get 10X13 inch ones. These are the ValueMailers I got. I’ll buy them again, they have been durable, self seal, and I love the color. The same seller on Amazon offers different colors too! I started off with 300.

Tissue Paper – Many consultants like to add the personal touch of wrapping our amazing product in tissue paper for their customers. Again I ordered tons of stuff from Amazon– hello free shipping– I have found that the 15″ X 20″ size has been perfect! I started off with 300 of these too.


After I wrap them I put them in the plastic bags that LuLaRoe sends the leggings in, squish out all the air and pop them in my polymailer!

Stickers – I like to use stickers to finish off my tissue paper. I love the style of these 1.5 inch stickers! I wouldn’t want to go any smaller than an inch and a half but the choices are endless!

You’re also going to need a Postal Scale. This one is affordable, reliable, I like that the controls and display is separate from the scale because if there is a box on it, you can still read the weight!

Shipping: I use to pay for shipping and print shipping labels– I can make another tutorial on importing the information you gather on your Google Form into your contacts on for easy batch shipping! Another website that is popular is:

The last thing is thank you cards. This I haven’t pinned down yet. I got some, but they are not as thick as I would like. I’ve thought about going to an office store and having some printed from the provided LuLaRoe template, or from VistaPrint.

Now lets move onto photos!

Now there are many many many different ways that consultants do their photos. I use the app PicFrame to make collages instantly without any additional editing. I can take a full photo of my garment on a dress form, click over to one of the smaller windows to take a close up, and then in the last one I put a size graphic in and poof! Awesome photos.

Mine look like this:


Well ALMOST. The key to good photos is a lighting kit. There are plenty out there, this is just the one I happened to buy. I use the two umbrella lights, one with the tripod height lower, and one with the tripod up higher so my dress form has full lighting. I put the umbrella lights at 4 O’Clock and the other at 8 O’Clock, the dress form is as 12 O’Clock. I put a chair at 6 O’Clock and sit in it to get all my angle uniform.

A good dress form is a must! I bought two! I bought a size small dress form that I use for XXS-S (and sometimes medium) garments and a size large dress form that I use for Medium-3XL garments. With a middle sized dress form the smallest clothes don’t fit on it, and the largest ones look sloppy. As LuLaRoe consultants it is our job to represent the brand’s integrity. The clothes looking stellar is the foundation of that job.

A backdrop is needed. This is another thing that all the consultants seem to have their own preferences on, and I don’t have this completely locked down yet either. I bought this photography backdrop. It’s too long, and its paper, but it was cheap, and that’s what I needed. My next step is to adhere the paper to a large piece of plywood so I can move it around easily. Right now it stays rolled up and I hang it off clips when I’m ready to take my photos.

I don’t personally use a tripod for when I’m taking my photos because of my method, but many people do. What I do find a tripod incredibly helpful for is doing live sales, and also mastering my selfie skills. I used just my tripod and my phone’s timer to do all of the photos for my Cassie Skirt blog post.

This Glif adjustable tripod mount is awesome! You can use it for any type and size of phone! Woot!

Now let’s talk storage

Most consultants I know have bought these DecoBros clothing racks. Others don’t support the weight of the clothes, these babies are heavy duty. I started with three of them, and a month in, I need another one! So needless to say you need at least 3.

Hangers! Hot topic for quebies! 518CmE38WBL

These are the ones from Costco, I can’t find them on their website, and they’re 28.00 dollars on Amazon. Don’t buy them for 28.00, they are 9.99 at Costco! Get your Mama, your brother, or your friend to take you if you don’t have a membership! And buy more than you need! If you can of course, because a month in, when you need a fourth rack, you’re going to need hangers for it!

Now I think I’ve covered most of the things you’re going to need to buy. Another huge step in getting ready though is becoming technologically organized. Before I got my clothes in my iCloud drive on my computer (I  have an 11″ MacBook Air) I made a LuLaRoe folder, in that I set up many many folders inside of it. I have one for my Contract, one for documents from my sponsor on Building a Team–get an email ready so you’re prepared when someone asks you about LuLaRoe!–I have a folder for Logos and Facebook Banners, Sizing Graphics, a Sold folder, and finally my Styles folder. In my styles folder I have a folder in there for every style LuLaRoe offers as well as the sizing graphic for that style and an album cover that I made with Rhonna Designs Now that you have all of that set up, when you take your fabulous photos, you can upload them right into their folders! And then Bam you’re already organized for all your Facebook parties!

Let’s talk about Rhonna Designs for a minute too. I made album covers with it, but I also use it for all my giveaway posts too. Another awesome idea is that customers on Facebook are more likely to read a post if there is something colorful–an image–in the post!


So even it’s something as simple as this, It gets people reading!

Now you  have all the tools you need to get organized! Go get organized so you’ll be ALL ready when your inventory comes!!! IMG_0447

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  1. On October 30, 2016 at 8:59 am Julie McCauley wrote:

    I’m in the queue and this was very helpful. Thank you. Btw love your LuLaRoe room!

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