Month: September 2016

Queue Survival Guide – Part Two

My original Queue Survival Guide post was really just a HUGE shopping list! So I wanted to come back and talk about many other things as well as make a couple of corrections to reflect new Policies & Procedures of LuLaRoe.

So first off let’s all agree to not take ourselves too seriously and have some fun with our businesses okay?

I’ll also reiterate what I said in my last Queue post is utilize your to sponsor! They should be the first place you go to ask questions! Then go to your team group, then to her upline’s group if you still haven’t found an answer! Also the search bar in all of your groups, but specifically the bigger ones such as your Coach or Mentor’s groups will be a life saver! And also just so much great reading!

Down to business on things you can do while you wait in the Queue:

  • Set up a LuLaRoe email account. Please make sure it’s formatted – it is preferred that you use gmail for this.
  • You will need a LuLaRoe Facebook Business page. You create this in connection with- an offshoot so to speak- of your personal FB account. Please do not make a second FaceBook account.. FaceBook does not like duplicate accounts! This page should also be formatted LuLaRoe First name Last name. Think of your FB business page like an online business card! You can link your LuLaRoe Instagram account so that it directly posts to your business page, you can promote sales there, go live there, boosts posts etc.
  • Set up your shopping group! This group also needs to follow certain formatting such as: LuLaRoe First name Last name VIP Shopping Group! Or something of the like. While you’re waiting to get your call you should add just your sponsor to this group so they can help you set it up! When you onboard and people start joining you don’t want an empty group! So collect images, post some of your favorite styling tips and other favorite photos!
  • Make an Instagram account – again LuLaRoeFirstnameLastname – keep it private until you onboard! And then *poof* beautiful Instagram ready to go!
  • Sign up for myUPS or for iPhone users I LOVE the app Deliveries
  • Get together an informational email for anyone who contacts you interested in LuLaRoe.
  • Draft a hostess packet.
  • Talk to your sponsor about a business plan for yourself. What’s your ideal inventory levels based on your goals? How much are you going to reinvest vs paying yourself? etc.
  • Make a guest list for your launch
  • Research business card options! (psst! I love mine from LuLaRoe Custom)
  • Research how you plan on transporting your inventory to in home pop-ups. Many many many consultants use the Ikea Frakta Bags.
  • Make a list of 50 people for the 72 hour game plan.
  • Make another list of 50 people. When you onboard contact them about hosting a pop-up!


Now I will say that in compliance with the Policies & Procedures that we all agreed to when turning in our paperwork to be consultants something that is new is that we don’t start promoting our social media pages until we get the onboarding call. There are many very logical reasons for this! The first is, what if something happens and you don’t onboard? Family emergency etc, and then you have a group full of people looking forward to seeing all your new inventory and then nothing! Sad day for all.  Second, I heard the analogy today that it’s like waiting for the New Year’s Eve ball to drop on December 30th, why wait when they can just go get some LuLaRoe somewhere else? Then they might leave because they’re tired of waiting! So it’s best to add people once you’ve got the call and they have something just around the corner to be excited for!

Another thing from Home Office is that it is not advised to buy anything until you get your call. So have that amazon shopping cart loaded up and ready to go for the day you get that most amazing call! But also in regards to all of the things you need to buy. Best advice is: yeah, many things can make your life easier.. but guess what, you don’t need it all right away. I’m still printing on my printer and taping labels on my packages, and thats ok with me. The day I get my fancy printer is going to be amazing because I’m going to feel like I earned it! So stick to the basics, you’re going to need stuff to ship out your LuLa-Lovlies, and you’re going to need somewhere to store all these amazing clothes, but let’s all remember that DeAnne used to sell Maxi skirts out of bins and three years ago no one had a LuLa-Room.