Style of the Week – The Perfect T!

We’re starting off the new year by doing a style of the week series! Each week I’m going to highlight a style I carry! During this series on a weekly basis you can expect a blog post talking about sizing, a live styling video in my group, and a live sale focused exclusively on the style of the week! So to start off this series- which I am SO excited about- were talking about the Perfect T. I must admit, I play favorites–and the Perfect T is my favorite LuLaRoe top! As most everything LuLaRoe you can wear multiple sizes so here below, the meat of the post today, is my awesome friend and myself each wearing multiple sizes, and you can also see the medium is the same shirt. For reference my friend Emily is 5’7″ and usually wears anything from a 4-8 and I am 5’6″ and am pretty solidly wear a 16-18.


For some feedback, Emily loved each one of these sizes and she said she would wear any of them. For me depending on the fabric I prefer the Medium or the Large, I feel like since I am bustier, the XL is a little loose in the shoulders. When we were doing this shoot I asked Emily how she felt about the medium because it was loose, and she said it was super comfortable. So as with anything there is definitely a personal preference on how our clothes fit, but I also wonder if being bustier was a factor in my preference for the sizes that I prefer.

Now for some styling fun!

This is an XXS perfect over an XS Julia! The perfect is tied on the side to create a different shape! I love this look combining a loose top over a tighter bottom, but also in these cooler months the Julia is great way to add a layer.

XS Cassie with a XS Perfect. Em brought in some of her personality with her favorite leather jacket to complete this look. The Perfect T is tied up just on one side.

Love this top to wear with jeans! This is a size Medium Perfect T. I also want to add that I candidly snapped the second photo of Emily when she was putting up here hair and we both immediately started busting up laughing because it was such a “model” like pose!

This teal Perfect is one I own personally. It is a size Medium, you can compare it with the red medium above, the drape is different in this one. One of the things I love about LuLaRoe is that all the garments are made in a variety of fabrics so there is literally something for everyone to fall in love with! I paired it with a size Large Cassie skirt and tied up both the sides. I love the shape this top makes with the sides tied; it dips down in the front, and dips down in the back still covering my tush all the while still creating a ruche on the sides– which I love!

This one here is a size large, it has a wonderful cottony texture. I’m a jeans and t-shirt girl! Paired with a hoodie, ankle boots, and my favorite scarf (and beanie!) makes for a super comfortable casual outfit.

After putting this outfit together I must admit that I did like the more oversized look on myself to wear over this 2XL Julia. I cuffed the sleeve of the Julia with the sleeve of the Perfect T to create a cuff and I felt like it did take some of the extra fabric out of my shoulders. I loved how long it was too!

I hope this was helpful and I look forward to writing more style posts!


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