The Classic T

The LuLaRoe Classic T doesn’t get nearly enough credit! In comparison to the other tops that LuLaRoe makes it doesn’t have a big wow factor as far as a unique shape, but what it does have going for it is: it’s an amazingly tailored t-shirt. I was looking through some official LuLaRoe photoshoot images this week for styling inspiration and I noticed that paired with almost every skirt and under every sweater in those images was a Classic T. Its phenomenal for layering!

For our sizing guide you can see my friend wearing four sizes. She is a pretty average size human, size 6-8, and was amazed she could wear the XXS as this top I’ve always said runs fairly true to size. As you can see the XXS is a more fitted look, and each size up is a little bit looser and longer.

Per the official size chart for the Classic T, Em would be a size small. I personally love to size up one size when I’m wearing the Classic in warmer months with just my leggings. I wear true to size most of the time in cooler months under warmer layers, and I size down when I’m wearing it with skirt tied up because I want it to be a little more snug on my ribs.

Em rocking a medium with OS leggings! See? The length is really nice with leggings when you size up!

An XXS Classic paired with a Small Madison skirt. I personally think the Madison and the Classic are a match made in heaven. Tuck it or tie it and it looks great!

This pairing is like the best thing ever! XXS Classic T paired with an XXS Carly! Tie the Classic at your natural waist and you have a whole new outfit! I also cuffed the sleeves of the Carly with the sleeves of the Classic T.

I have been sick this week, so no pictures of me for now, but I plan on updating this post when I feel better with more pictures! <3 Thanks everyone for reading!

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