Perfect T Size Card

Happy Tuesday everyone! Do you love the Perfect T and have no idea what size to wear? LuLaRoe can be a touch confusing when it comes to sizing, size up in this size down in that etc and so on. Before on my blog I tried to show the versatility of sizing, but then I did a “size card” for the Amelia and thought, oh man I need to do this for all my styles instead! I think its easier to compare yes?

So this is the Perfect T! I usually suggest going down 1-2 sizes from your non LuLaRoe size depending on the fabric that the top is made from. You can always ask the consultant you’re shopping from, is this stretchier or less stretchy than the other Perfect Ts of the same size you have and they should be able to help you get a feel for what size you need. I’m ALWAYS here to answer any questions too! I personally prefer the medium almost across the board and I wear an XL in non LuLaRoe sizes.. SOMETIMES a large depending on the store/cut.

So my review: The XXS was a little tight on the arms, its also quite humid here today, every other size fit GREAT! I was thrilled! I had never actually put on anything smaller than a medium before! The XL is the size where I felt the top getting a little loose in the arms/shoulders, so I cuffed the sleeves! This is a top I feel looks super cute oversized too, its loose, and very comfortable!


I loved the 3XL so much that I wanted to see what it looked like belted! I threw on my daughter’s favorite necklace and my new hat and boom! Super cute outfit!


Here is it far away! The belt took up some of the length, but it was still plenty long and added a fun gather and flare look.

Thanks always for reading <3

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