LuLaRoe Queue Survival Guide

You took the plunge, and now you are in the queue on your way to becoming an official LuLaRoe Consultant. You might be freaking out a little, but it’s ok, you have people at your disposal to go to! Your sponsor, their upline, and their upline, and their upline… ok you get where I am going. You also have your team members who either are in the queue right along with you, or were there not too long ago themselves.

#1 Piece of quebie advice — Use your support structure!

So now you know you have people to turn to ask all of your questions– also the search function in your groups can lead you to an amazing wealth of knowledge– but what do you do while you wait?

So many things! It can be overwhelming, but take a deep breath, we’re going to get through it together!

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The Carly is HERE!

So I’m going to go ahead and say it again, that the sizing of LuLaRoe is magical. I learned this week that  they fit test every single size. Most clothing companies fit test the small or medium, and then scale the pattern from there. LuLaRoe fit tests every single size!

Yesterday I got the Carly dress in the  mail–people in my group were asking about sizing. I know that buying clothes online is always a little nerve racking! So before my live sale I tried on five sizes! I got XS-XL in my box and here are my results!




The X-Large which is my normal size fit most like the t-shirts I wear on the arms, but not a single one of the sizes felt tight on my arms or like the dress restricted my movement. So my conclusion, go with the print and length you want! The X-Small was definitely shorter on me. I’m 5’6″ for reference. I ended up keeping the medium because I liked the length and how it fit over my bust and then flared out a little from there.

So that’s my review on this awesome new dress! I haven’t taken it off since I tried it on! And I’m not someone who normally wears dresses!

How to create a Google Form

This post is for new consultants, I’ve seen several people asking how to make a Google form, so I’m making this for you!

Why do you need a Google form for checkout? After your sale is over, when you have your customers fill out a Google form, it puts all their names, email address, and street addresses into one place, you can then export that into a spreadsheet, and then to take it a step further you can export that into or your preferred shipping site. Then when you go to ship your LuLa-Goodies all you  have to do is search for the customer’s name and Poof their address appears. SO HELPFUL!

The first thing you want to do is login to Google, and go to


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The Cassie Skirt – This week’s style!

So, I have been wanting to feature a style on my blog every week. It’s been one of those plans that is floating around in my head. Then yesterday I was taking pictures of these amazing Cassie skirts that I got when I went to a swap between local consultants–I was home alone and decided to try a few on. Guess what? I tried on FIVE sizes and they all fit! I swear the sizing in this company is magical! I’ve always been one of those women that when I go into a retail store, if the size 14 or 16 didn’t fit, there was nothing else for me to try on. I always envied the ladies who were in the middle size ranges who could go up or down 1-2 sizes and still find what they were looking for. I know no matter where you find your clothes–LuLaRoe included– there is going to be that issue, if you’re small and the XXS or the XS is still too big, then there is nothing smaller, and if the 2XL or the 3XL is too small there is no where else to go–but what I’m trying to say is that for most stores that cap is a size 16, and I love that with LuLaRoe that is not the case. I love that there is a large size range in LuLaRoe, and the tailoring works for everyone! So without getting too wordy here are some pictures I took! I’m 5’6″ for reference. I tried on sizes Medium – 3XL in the Cassie skirt and paired the skirts with a range of styles/sizes in tops that were in my inventory.






My Why

So, this is something I’ve been thinking about quite a bit lately. Why did I want to sell clothes? To be a LuLaRoe consultant? LuLaRoe encourages you to explore this question, because if you can answer this you have intention. With intention comes action, with actions you have room to achieve the success you desire. I plan on making a video about this, but I thought writing it out would help me process it too.

Four years ago I chose myself, I chose the possibility of being happy rather than continue to play the roles of wife and mother in a marriage I was not happy in. Shortly after my 28th birthday I had a thought that shook me. And that thought was, “If I didn’t have kids with this man, I would not be in a relationship with him.” Once I said this out loud to another person it gave it more power, but I wanted to make sure this wasn’t a thought of having a hard time, or being in a rough patch, I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t foolishly walking away from a nine year relationship with whom I had three amazing and beautiful children with. There was many many things going on at this time of my life, and in my relationship that I won’t go into here, but I’ll just say that it wasn’t good, and it wasn’t healthy for me to be in, or for my kids to be around the stagnant energy that was in my home. So I left.

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