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Happy New Year!

I’ve been thinking about how to start this for the last couple of days. So I decided I’d start with a story, because I like to tell stories, and well, then anyone who is reading knows what the fuck is going on!

Lets think how far to go back, I’ll say that I’ve always been interested in nutrition, I’ve always been a self experimenter to see what works best for me. Starting at age thirteen I read a book all about how awful artificial ingredients were, and I’d say that I’ve eaten pretty clean since then. When I was pregnant with my first daughter at twenty and twenty-one I was feeling depressed and switched to eating hormone free meats and have never looked back. I have always struggled with my weight though. I got pregnant with my first weighing 205, and gained and lost, and gained a lost from having three kids. When you youngest daughter was born I went vegetarian for a little while, then I was turned onto paleo and had never felt better. I found a love of running, I did several rounds of the Whole30, I felt better, felt stronger than I had in years. I hit 195 when I was running 10-15 miles a week. I found a love of cycling and stayed paleo for two plus years. Then around 30 years old I started letting grains creep back into my life, but for medical reasons I was consistently gluten free. I was living in Portland OR, I had 3 part time jobs, I was a single mom to my three babes, and was a full time student. I was active, healthy, and happy, but also consistently stressed from school and making ends meet. I also loved wine, but my weight stayed consistent at this point about 210–And I was happy with this, I was riding 70+ miles a week on my bike, commuting to and from school, my legs were looking good!

Now I want to say this blog is not going to be all about weight loss, but it is going to be a significant part of it. My goal is to blog through a body fat cutting experiment I’m doing with a group of folks who are eating a ketogenic diet. I also will be blogging about a 365 self propelled mile challenge, as well as working out. Currently I’m preparing for a beach body program called 80 Day Obsession.

So that being said the next part of my story is where I got into a pretty significant bike/car accident where I was the cyclist. It took me a good year to be able to walk without pain, but thank whatever higher power you believe in, I’m totally fine! During my healing time though I was SO worried about gaining weight because my body was finally making some changes from riding I was really happy with, but I knew stressing about one more thing wasn’t going to be healthy for me so I let it go. I gained 25lbs in a year, probably more like 6 months when I tried to go back to school before I was ready. Fast forward a bit, I was all healed, I got married, I took a break from school, life was still bustling in Portland and I was always on the go. I felt like there wasn’t room in my energetic fucks I gave to focus on getting healthy again, working out again, or eating better.

I was drinking almost every night, but that wasn’t new. Now I’m not talking about getting toasted, I’m talking about 1-2 ciders, or glasses of wine daily, with dinner, while I was making dinner, or after my kid went to bed. Mommy medicine right? Then seemingly out of no where I started getting inflammation in my hands every morning when I woke up. My rings were so tight I had to take them off, and I knew I had to do something different. I started another round of the Whole30 April 1st of 2017. The thing is, it didn’t help! I had stopped drinking, and I was sure that was what was causing my issues. So then I started paying attention and it wasn’t just drinking, even though that was a huge part of it, it was fruit, it was potatoes, it was any carby, sugary, starchy thing I was eating.

This is how I found keto. I started only eating meat, nuts, and vegetables. I had been dairy free for the most part since I was paleo three years prior, and found when I ate dairy I got hives,  not such a fun reaction. I felt AMAZING, I lost eleven pound in May. I’ve never lost weight easily, I’ve always had to fight for every pound, and have had aaaalllllll of the blood work done to see if there was some underlying issue. There isn’t– I’m perfectly healthy. So one of my online friends, from a Mom group I’ve been part of forever, told me about keto and I decided to give it a try. June was touch and go, we were packing up our household to move to rural NE Pennsylvania where my husband grew up. There were a lot of going away parties, I stayed keto during the week but every weekend fell into the temptations of nachos and margaritas. The road trip took 5 days, we had two of my three kids with us and our sweet little pitbull Otto. We brought a lot of food with us, and ate a lot of pepperoni sticks and cheese in the car. And all the coffee.

Ok so we got to Pennsylvania and I was determined to get back to keto 100%. It was a little harder than I anticipated. Every Sunday we were heading to a community potluck, what was one little bite of fudge? Or a glass of wine? Every Sunday I would gain 3-5lbs of inflammation, and loose it again during the week. Talk about stalling!  In September I got serious. So over all from May-September I still lost about 20lbs. I realized drinking even vodka soda’s were stalling me, even with feeling like drinking wasn’t really worth it, I also just stopped enjoying it as much. Which was a little bit of a mind fuck since drinking has always been a big part of my friend and relationship culture.

Today is January first. Since September I’ve lost 8-9 more pounds. I go through cycles of tracking, because honestly it kind of drives me nuts. I’ve been stalled since November though bouncing around from 206-210. Now we’re getting to the relevant stuff! I saw a post from a keto guy I follow about getting a group together to do a fat cutting experiment! I had had the same macros for months, I tracked all of December and nothing! I was excited to join the experiment!

Old Macros:

Calories: 1500

Fat: 115-120g

Protein: 80ish

Carbs: 10-20 total

New Macros:

Calories: 2600

Fat: 240

Protein: 92

Carbs: 10-20 total

UHHH kind of scary right?! I’m increasing my calories by 1100, and y fat by 120g. Every week we’re lowering out fat by 5% for the duration of the experiment, and then tapering them back up. I cannot wait to see what happens BECAUSE, the last three days I’ve been trying to hit these, just to get a good handle on what my meals will look like. Day 1: down 0.7lbs, Day 2: up 0.2lbs, and Day 3: down 1.1lbs. In three days down 1.5lbs from eating 1100 more calories! My mind was kind of blown away.

I’m going to take “before” pictures today. I’m 207, and about 40% body fat (according to my fancy scale.) I wear a size 12 in jeans. Stay tuned for updates!

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I’ll make another post on work outs!

Happy New Year everyone!